What are we doing?

Insight Lab focuses on the evaluation and research on user experience.
The traditional usability test evaluates the products based on the three indicators of availability, efficiency and satisfaction. However, there are boundaries between different products and these three indicators cannot be generalized. As a result, Insight Lab introduces evaluation model, that is, we will establish evaluation models for different products and create the exclusive evaluation indicators and weights, making the evaluation more accurate.

Clearly Understand the Frontier and Measure Experience

As a specialized laboratory focusing on the evaluation and research on user experience, Insightlab possesses many excellent interdisciplinary professionals (such as psychology, design science and computer, etc.) engaging in user experience research at colleges and enterprises. Committing to collecting the latest theoretical knowledge of user research, Insightlab not only applies the latest psychological and behavioral measuring techniques brought by the frontier technology, but also adopts the qualitative and quantitative method of science research method to have a deep insight into users' psychology and behavior, spread the updated information of user research, publish the updated achievement of user research and popularize the new method and technology of user experience evaluation.

Doctor Li Hongting, the originator and chief scientist of Insightlab, is a tutor of Psychology Department of Zhejiang University. His main research direction includes ergonomics and user experience (UE). He is the member of engineering psychology specialized committee of Chinese Psychological Society, the member of experts committee of UE Alliance, the Chinese director of UXPA and the chief editor of collected works. Since 2003, Doctor Li has devoted himself to accelerating the application and development of user research and experience in China based on psychological perspective, including assisting Samsung Group, Alibaba, Lenovo, China Telecom, CMBC and other companies to carry out more than 50 research projects related to UE. Moreover, he has published about 40 academic papers on SSCI and first-class domestic academic journal, 2 monographs and 3 patents.


We are focusing on the influence on humanity, technique, design and thinking brought by science and technology.

  Improve the usability of products @ Product Company @ Product Team

The product usability is the foundation of good user experience. We utilize the model evaluation to accurately help customers discover the issues of product usability in real scenes and give suggestions for improvement.

  Environment of usability test and establishing skill @ UE Team

We can help customers establish the usability test lab and purchase equipment and we can also provide the usability test skill training for teams.

  Evaluation after product revision @ Product Company @ Product Team

The customer needing such service usually understands the object of product revision. We can conduct the usability test with the focus on customer's object and offer the evaluation report to help the customer verify whether the revision achieves the object.

   Evaluate the advertisement putting/product display effect

We will provide users' actual objective data based on the application technical equipment (e.g. eye tracker, physiological instrument). Then we will offer customers proposals for the selection of putting place and scheme.

  Analysis for benchmarking and competitive product @ Product Company @ Product Team

Based on the evaluation model, we can rapidly convert the composite score of the product and the specified competitive product, according to which the general performance of the product can be quickly inspected. Meanwhile, we can obtain the improvement direction from the competitive product through comparing the key indicators.

  Support for usability evaluation in experience strategy @ Consulting Company @ Design Company

Usability evaluation is an important part of the experience strategy, and we can be responsible for its execution and input.

Core member of the lab

Each insight comes from our common wisdom

李宏汀 博士

insight lab 创始人及研究总监


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insight lab


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Job Demands

Compared with your past, we are more concerned about your future

BD manager responsible for usability evaluation

BD manager


Working Experience: over two years working experience
Educational Requirement: bachelor or above
Age: 25-35
Salary and Welfare: one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand
Salary Structure: base salary + commission
Annual Leave & Social Security: national standard
1. Select the appropriate partner in accordance with project needs to plan and carry out the brand cooperation and cooperation between different industries;
2. Responsible for the negotiation and relationship maintenance with the partner
3. Assist in writing the demand analysis, test execution and research report required by the partner;
4. Responsible for the maintenance of enterprise website and WeChat official account;
1. Above two years working experience related to user research, user experience and market research;
2. The person with rich experience in cooperation between different industries and brand cooperation, or the person who can provide rich resources related to the above two cooperation is preferred;
3. Familiar with the user research, usability evaluation methods, internet products and new media marketing;
4. Capable of bearing pressure, have a strong pioneering enthusiasm and perseverance and enjoy dealing with challenges.