Construction of professional laboratory for user experience evaluation


"A good worker must benefit from his work." A scientific laboratory for user experience evaluation is the basis for ensuring high quality user experience measurement and research. Based on the service experience of well-known companies, like China Telecom, China Merchants Bank, Tang-Consulting, Fotile Kitchenware and many other renowned companies, and many military evaluation laboratories, we can select the latest evaluation tools and technologies according to customer research requirements, to build a variety of flexible laboratories. Meanwhile, we will provide relevant evaluation method and technical training to help build user experience evaluation index system for different types of products. 

Are you still worried about the construction of user experience labs?

Don't know how to design a user experience lab?

Can't convey your design ideas to the service company well?

Do not understand the selection and configuration of equipment and facility for user experience labs?

Do not understand decoration details of laboratory, which leads the inconvenience?

Insight lab is willing to help you quickly build a professional and scientific user experience lab to meet enterprise research needs.

Drawing on three advantages, insight lab will eliminate worries for you:

We have rigorous and meticulous work spirit and a professional one-stop solution.

As long as there is a gap of 1%, we should pay 100% of our efforts. Insight lab provides one-stop solution for enterprises, including design planning of the program, equipment configuration of software and hardware, decoration construction, equipment usage and the training of user experience method. Our goal is to let the user experience lab that we build be used with  satisfactory, ease and satisfaction in the enterprise user research.

Insight lab team has been engaged in user experience research for a long time, and it knows better how to help you build an ideal user experience lab. After more than ten years of experience accumulating in user experience lab building, insight lab will provide mature and reliable routine laboratory. At the same time, based on the strong ability to develop independently and based on in-depth cooperation with Noldus (action analyzer), Tobii (eye tracker), SMI (eye tracker), Mangold (multilead physiograph), Biopac (multilead physiograph) and other international well-known equipment manufacturers, you can flexibly select and design research equipment and tool combinations to meet your specific lab requirements.

Insight lab has accumulated service experience of the construction of user experience laboratory from more than ten well-known enterprises, and has helped a number of military enterprises set up the personalized professional evaluation laboratory to meet the their needs in China, such as Telecom Research Institute in Shanghai, China Merchants Bank, Tangshuo consulting, Fotile group, Yishi design and so on. With the development of enterprises, these user experience labs are playing a more and more important role.


Environmental lighting test platform


Mobile phone test platform


Mobile phone test platform


Example of a commercial bank


One to one test room


Eyeglass eye tracker apparatus


Eye movement test sample


Test sample of multilead physiograph