User experience evaluation of mobile client

In a cocktail party, the most embarrassing thing maybe is that you forget his name whom you want to talk to; In a business meeting, it is also a headache to clear up the collection of a large number of business cards. APP card recognition, which emerges at the right moment, has gradually attracted people's attention. It recognizes business card information quickly and accurately and electronic files are easy to look over, which have met the needs of most people on the current fast-paced life. In this type of APP, good design can help users to organize information better and faster, but its deficiencies will affect the user's experience of the product.

As a result, insight lab has conducted usability tests for a well-known business card of mobile client. The client's main function is to recognize business card and information management, etc. It can recognize a variety of language business cards fast and accurately. You can add image-text, voice and video to show the image of the person, the product and the company with three-dimensional.

In the user experience evaluation, we find that the usability of the product is mainly focused on the content dimension and the interaction dimension. Among them, the problem of the content is reflected in some functions and contents, which use too many terminologies, and part of the help and prompt information is missing or inappropriate. The problem of interactive convenience is mainly reflected in the unreasonable function interaction process, and the complex operation process, and some of the functional operation modes do not match user habits.

The most frequently used feature on this APP home page is to enter new business cards and look over existing business cards. Through the home page "business card shooting" and "business card folder" button, it can help users quickly complete these two tasks. The way to upload via a business card is relatively less used, and the button is not the same task as the other two buttons. The juxtaposition of the buttons can easily cause confusion.

In its core function - batch input business cards, we find that the business card entry process is not reasonable. The method that users expect is to affirm the information uniformly after shooting the pros and cons at once. At present, one side of the picture is photographed first, and after affirming the information, the other side image will be added. The operation process of double image is inconsistent with the user's operating habits, which causes queries when users operate. In this regard, after synthesizing user's feedback and analyzing results, we propose to adjust the double-sided business card processing flow. For example, after the default shoot of pros and cons, the business card will be confirmed uniformly, and users are allowed to skip the reverse shooting step, or to set the single / double card shooting mode for them to select.

Just as nutritious meals are not always delicious, and a fully functional APP may not be able to meet the needs of users. From the user's point of view, to explore the availability of products in the upgrading of space will make products become better, which not only is the considerations of insight lab, but also is the ultimate goal of our pursuit.