Evaluation based on eye tracking technique


"Eyes are the window of the mind." How to capture user's true feeling accurately has always been a problem in the field of user experience evaluation. In order to gain consumer's true inner experience, insight lab takes eye tracking technology to record eye movement change in the process of evaluation. Through the visual data, the user's true feeling can be reflected, so as to make reasonable optimization and improvement for man-machine interface.

Think of this picture: On a sunny day in May, you are driving a new car to work. When you drive on a more prosperous road, you tighten your nerves, and your forehead is full of sweat because of tension. You try to turn on the air-conditioning while driving, but you should focus on the changing road condition, so you can only grope with a hand and occasionally a split vision. If the center control system design in your car is reasonable, congratulations, you will be able to feel comfortable as long as one or two steps; On the contrary, unfortunately, at this time you are anxious to turn the center control system upside down and maybe you make a lot of effort, but you cannot find the ventilation function.

So, here comes the question. How to evaluate whose design is better and can bring the driver a better experience?


Insight lab uses the most advanced Tobii glasses 2, a head mounted eye tracker, and chooses  three flagship cars, Tesla Model S, Audi A8L and Mercedes Benz S400L, which are quite representatives in the automotive industry, to compare the user's performance of a series of operation tasks in the car HMI interface.


In the air conditioning task, by tracking the user's line of sight path during operation and fixation number, we find that Tesla users need more than 50 fixation points to finish air conditioning task, and eye movement gaze trajectory is very complex; In the Mercedes-Benz, users need only half of the fixation points, and the eye movement gaze trajectory is more clear, showing "a" word order.


Through eye tracking technology, we can intuitively understand the eye movement trajectory and performance of the users during the task, so as to find the advantages and disadvantages in the vehicle HMI design.

In web page evaluation, insight lab will also use eye movement technology to evaluate web design. For example, when users first open web pages, what places will they focus on in 5 seconds or 10 seconds? What is the sequence of gaze? We all can be expressed by the eye fixation duration. (The left picture is eye gaze time in 5 seconds, and the right picture is eye gaze time in 10 seconds. The color is deeper, the gaze time is longer.)


Using this technique, insight lab will be able to observe the product from the user's perspective to get user's feeling for products with the first-hand information, so as to have a more comprehensive and intuitional understanding of products, to help the manufacturer makes products better.