User experience evaluation of a consumer luxury brand website


Luxury and e-commerce seem to have a natural sense of disharmony, and it's about because the e-commerce will even up high cold and mysterious dimension of the luxury. These luxury giants must have been anxious in the face of the question that if they will choose to be e-commerce in Chinese market. As the essence of business is the maximization of profits, they grind into the field.

"It is said that Chinese people love red." We do not know if many foreign designers have such misconceptions about China, so many foreign luxury websites appear fantastic aesthetic style in the localization process. With the cultural habits of different countries, the use logic of the website  will always make Chinese users feel extremely painful. Insight lab has done a luxury official website user evaluation. Several classic issues will be showed below. 


We do not know if designers have misconceptions about Chinese aesthetic, the luxury site will appear such strange style.

I. A server will see you across the sea

Browsing through many luxury websites, the biggest feeling is "slow"!

Before discussing this problem with the technical staff, users always think that their bandwidth is not enough, or a lot of people are browsing the official website at the same time. However, this is a irreconcilable contradiction with domestic network wall and overseas server. The reality is cruel, and you can't change the environment. Is it possible to change the server? Put the Chinese official website on the domestic server.


II. The disappearance of brand sense

Luxury goods, whether for Medieval nobility or hodiernal mass consumers, are largely a symbol of identity. The main logo, the store's decoration, suits for sellers, clothing, an eyeful of goodies in the shop displaying and others are very important part of the consumer experience. But the website layout design, and the display logic, etc. have not brought strong brand sense to the users, that is to say, after hiding the trademark logo, you cannot feel this brand. On the contrary, many users feel that today's website looks like an electronic magazine. Do you have a strong consuming impulse when you read?

E-commerce website looks more like a fashion magazine.

III. Lower the price pressure

Think back about it. Did you sneak through the price tag at the mall? Did you experience something that you really liked the clothes and was scared off by the price? There must be. The online consuming can avoid the embarrassment, and you don't have to worry about someone will walk by when you look at the price. Things that you put in the shopping cart can also be easily cancelled. The price guide is human nature, so users praise the entrance of unseasonable goods/off-price merchandise.

The highly valued price orientation entrance during the testing process.

Bain consulting did a study. 80% of CEO said their products were differentiated from competing companies, but only 8% of consumers agreed. Perhaps they haven't done a product user experience evaluation, and they never know how stupid design they have made.