User Friendly 2016 Participant reviews - from insight analysis to booth design

Here is a design proposition: there are six booths with the area of 2.8× 2.5m on this year`s UXPA conference. And you will take charge of the design for one booth, how to attract more people? In the past, my answer must be “differentiated design”, but now the answer would be “design based on your goals and objectives”. Calm down and make a deep consideration, you will find that the focus of the former answer is the opponents, the latter the goals. The key to chasing after girls is not on your rivals, but the girls. What should you do? And you may understand.

We should get to the root of the matter and make a painstaking investigation. So, what is the core goal of this design proposition? Naturally, it is the introduction of exhibitors, and the general questions are: Who am I? What can I do? What have I done? The next question comes to is there any way to link the answers of the three questions? The most natural way that I thought is to use a case introduction as a topic to clearly spell out the background of the case, what have we done and found. Then, the answers would be delivered to the participants along with your case introduction.

Let me give you an example of it. You serve a research-based evaluation company, which deals with usability testing, user research and so on, and the company's biggest feature is to do researches after building a model, which includes the research dimensions and weight of such products. An evaluation report on the central control system of Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Audi has been released recently based on the method, and this case is wanted to be the topic of this booth. The original state of the booth is equipped with: background board, negotiating table, reception desk, carpet, optional TV on the wall.

Let`s do the analysis after background introduction.

Question 1: Where can the contents of the project be placed?

Analysis: This content is the main part, and the background board is the most extensive range of vision based on the existing space. However! If the content placed on the background board, the show level would be a bit deep. Reception desk and negotiating table are blocking the participants to the background board, so we first ask the organizing committee to remove the two "obstacles." At the same time, we add two display boards to show project contents on the negotiating area, so that the show level would be advanced.

Question 2: In addition to display boards, do we have any other way to deliver business information?

Analysis: Two dimensions should be focused when we think about things: space and time. Space itself is less than 9 square meters, we need to leave space for the staff, the participants after setting two display boards, then the background board is the only area that can be used in an extensive way relatively. However, we have analyzed it above, and the position is not suitable for participants to understand the information before going for it is a deep show level. Smart you may have thought, the use of television on the wall to play corporate videos and other content will meet those participants who do not want to come up with a deal with people. In term of time dimension, we have done a most basic design - publicity folders for participants to take away and continuously know about company’s information. 

Question 3: After the breakthrough of the large block of contents, what design details can be optimized?

Analysis: As mentioned earlier, the professional characteristic of the exhibitors is to build an evaluation model, so the model of the car HMI project will be materialized. The structure of the model will be built in the form of Lego blocks.

In addition, imagine that you were a participant coming to the booth, and found the staff were talking with other participants, will you have the pressure to go and figure out the contents? I think most people will have this pressure, because you are afraid of being embarrassed when others are sitting but you are standing. So, in order to avoid this dilemma, we remove the staff` seats “inhumanly”.

Question 4: How can I ensure that these contacts are activated?

Analysis: I have seen a picture illustrating how to maximize the value of the brand in a space, including four dimensions of the design: environment, products / services, communication and behavior. And we believe that these designs can be interconnected by guidance of people, so in order to ensure the activation of these contacts, we carried out contents introduction and communication skills training for our staff.

In summary, we use this thought to build our own booth on the site of User Friendly 2016.

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